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GP Finder


A simple and easy way to track vehicles, teens, people, pets, seniors, luggage and all sorts of important belongings. Simply place it in a backpack or hide it in a private place to remotely track movements in real time using GPS Finder data. All through the simple SMS interface: you send an SMS to the GPS Finder number and it returns you the location. And more: you can hear the surround sound simply by calling the GPS Finder number!



Take your dog for a walk with peace of mind using GPS Finder. Simply attach it to your dog’s leash. If needed you can locate your pet at any time.



Let your loved one enjoy life without major worries. Just send an SMS to GPS Finder and you will know exactly where this dear person is.



Nowadays we can't take our eyes off our kids. GPS Finder will accompany them when they go around, whether it's on a school trip or even at a friend's house. No more worries!



Protect your bags or backpacks. Did you ever had the experience of losing your luggage? It is devastating! Using GPS Finder, you know exactly where it is. Get peace and quiet over your most valuable belongings.



Vehicles theft rates skyrocket! Coupled with high insurance costs and profile analysis constraints, investment in tracking equipment is well justified.


GPS Finder
  • It is mainly used for vehicles, children, elderly people, pet supervision monitoring and to monitor all the other things you care.

  • Compact size that fits anywhere, be it a vehicle, belt, backpack or even a jacket pocket.

  • Follow the tracking by mapping the path of your belongings.

  • Track as you need it with no contract, no activation or cancellation fees.

  • You can also hear the surround sound by simply calling the tracker SIM Card number.


How does it work?

It's never been that easier to use a tracker: no need for installation or further work. You need only a SIM card from a mobile operator enabled to send SMS (no internet plan required). From your mobile device, you simply send an SMS to this SIM card and it will return you a message containing a link with the approximate location of your monitored good. Unlimited, you can access tracking whenever you want or need. You can also hear the surround sound thanks to the GPS Finder's built-in microphone: you just have to call your GPS Finder SIM Card number.

  • 1 - Insert the SIM Card into the tracker - preferably a new SIM Card – and it will show a warning light.

  • 2 – Pick up your phone and enter your tracker SIM Card number. (Do not forget to write down the number on a paper).

  • 3 – To activate your GPS Finder, you will need to send a single SMS to your SIM Card number.

  • 4 – Write in the SMS: SQ + the number of your cellphone which should receive the location coordinates.

  • 5 – Touch SEND. Wait for some minutes and your GPS Finder will be activated.


GPS Finder
Warning: For the proper functioning of the device, it must be in the GSM coverage area of the SIM Card carrier.

Our Customers Feedback!

Nothing like the peace of mind of knowing where our children are! Being the father of two teenage girls that can no longer be locked inside, I have used before a mobile app, but it brought only problems and excuses: no internet signal or no credit. Nowadays I just put the GPS Finder inside their bags and keep tracking wherever they go. I am finally free from Internet burdens.

Andrew K - Washington

Thanks to this device, I could see that my dog's trainer wouldn't take her for walk as agreed. Outraged, yet happy to have discovered this slutty in time, I've changed the trainer and my dog is happier now! My dog already has another kind of mood! I strongly recommend!

Willian G - New York

I tried hard but could not find any company that would accept to insure my motorcycle. Also, a classic car that I own which has a considerable value. I installed one in my car and another one on the bike. Now I am easy knowing I have can tracker then whenever I need. Excellent acquisition! 5 stars!

Joshua N - Miami
GPS Finder

Use SIM card (Not included); Sound control dialing; SOS Emergency Call

Size: 43.2 x 32 x 13.6 mm

9.12 days standby time

Operation Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

Battery: Rechargeable battery 3.7V 500mA Li-ion battery

Charger Input: AC110-220V 50/60 Hz








Patrick D - Maine

"The tracker is much smaller than it appears in the photos, resembling the shape of a school eraser. It works well and serves my purpose, giving a very close location to the real one - although not 100% accurate. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the product, which took about 25 days to reach my residence in Maine, but it was the post office fault I guess. "

Robert G - New Jersey

"Initially I was a little afraid to buy the product because I didn't know the store, but it was all right, thank God. Yes, it works well, especially the microphone function, so if the trickster gets on my bike, I can hear what he's saying nearby! The only caveat is the battery, which could last longer."

Michelle S - San Diego

"As a mother of three somewhat irresponsible young people, I decided to buy GPS Finder so I could keep up with them and be quieter when they go out with friends. Fun for them and quiet for me. 100% satisfied!"

John M - Sacramento

"I'm just not willing to score 5 stars because the battery life could be longer, however I decided to take my car on the electric car and made a direct battery connection on the tracker, so it's cool. No need to pay these monthly fees for tracker. It is already good."

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